TrueBot: description

Android robot with a height of 1.8 m.
The upper part of the body is moving: arms (optional), head, eyes, jaws.
The robot sits in a chair, leads testing and interviews. He looks after the person, asks questions independently.
The developed algorithm consists of two parts. The first part (voice test) lasts 40 minutes, the second part (visual test) lasts 6.
The robot himself asks questions to the interlocutor and, thanks to special software, determines the veracity of the answers and the psychological profile of the respondent.

"TrueBot" can, for example, find out whether the interviewee is addicted to drugs, whether he is inclined to steal or leak an information. Also separately, the robot will reveal such features as leadership, subordination, a tendency to work in a team and so on.

After the interview, the robot makes up the full psychological profile of 12 pages.

It can be used when hiring for the purpose of solving personnel security and HR problems.

Technologies of artificial intelligence "TrueBot" allow you to automatically analyze the voice, external signs and unconscious reactions of a person, for the presence of hidden information.

The function of the artificial intelligence system "TrueBot" is the maintenance of automated interview and testing with control of informative signs of stress and lies in the parameters of a person's voice, external signs and unconscious reactions.

The procedure is fully automated and does not require escort by special personnel, which eliminates the subjective factor and reduces the cost of operating the system.

The result is formed immediately after the testing is completed. The interpreter of the intellectual system determines the level of personal risks and real threats at the time of checking, as well as the veracity of the subject when answering questions.

Possible risks, determined by testing by the artificial intelligence system "TrueBot" in the professional selection and prevention of employees:

- involvement and inclination to theft and fraud,

- the intention to commit fraudulent actions,

- intention to commit theft,

- abuse of official authority,

 -lie and hiding information,

- conflict of interest,

 -the existence of debts and loans,

- membership in certain criminal circles;

- the presence or absence of illicit connections with competitors;

- intentions of theft and transfer of information;

- degree of loyalty to organization and leadership;

- availability of facts of use of official position for mercenary purposes, collusion with the client (bribe) or similar intentions;

- pathological motives (alcoholism, drug addiction, game/gamble addiction, desire for revenge, propensity to unjustified risk, etc.);

- the presence of personal problems (inadequate attitude towards colleagues, inadequate attitude towards weapon, problems with the law, family problems, etc.)

The robot can be adapted to any language.

Pre-orders are currently being accepted. The cost of the minimum configuration is 25000$.

Why is TrueBot better than polygraph?

1. A polygraph needs a specialist who serves him (he needs a salary). TrueBot functions all by himself.

2. Today many people know how to fool a polygraph. The robot not just only focuses on other reactions, but its presence and cool gaze creates a stressful situation that complicates deception.

3. A polygraph is a cumbersome outdated technology. The robot and the software developed for it - is the technology of the future. If your competitors have a robot, theywill be more successful in minimizing risks.

4. Polygraph gives answers to a specific questions. The TrueBot robot analyzes a person's psychophilic profile.

5. A polygraph operator is a subjective factor. Such a factor is excluded in the Truebot.

HR robot TrueBot: scope of application

- Interview before recruitment: either by an internal HR service or by a recruiting agency.
- Check by the security service before hiring.
- Security service of the airport, the shopping center and so on: if the airport security sees a suspicious person, he can be taken to a room for conversation with the robot. After 40 minutes of the interview, the robot will determine if the person has an evil intentions.
- For an interview in a bank when issuing a loan.
- Checking of a personnel after a certain incident.
- Testing of business partners, suppliers and so on.
- and all related areas and similar examples.


Development of robotics, mechatronics and prototyping.


TrueBot Basic

25.000 $
The version of the robot with a voice test: the robot follows a glance, moves its head, leads a voice test.
You can rent the robot for 2000$/day. During this time, he will be able to lead about 10 interviews.

TrueBot Advanced

30.000 $
This version, in addition to the voice test, is also equipped with a screen with a visual test and moving hands. Any other motorization can be added for an additional fee.

Software without robot

16.000 $
The price includes PC with software or the software installation on any device, demonstration and training. 11000$ per set when ordering from 10 sets.

Robot SyRus

12.500 $
The robot body with a motorized head, eye-camera and minimum settings, without softvare, for upgrading for any purposes. For an additional fee, any functionality can be added.

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